I decided that’s how this post should start… Actually that’s how every title should be! Side tracked.. anyway The First mongrelshirts shirt is on redbubble!

It’s pretty awesome, but ONLY THE BEGINNING OF THE AWESOME. Literately, it’s the first thing online.

Click HERE for the shirt, or on the image below.

mongrelshirts shirt


Hello! Welcome to mongrelshirts!!

I’m Dan. I enjoy coming up with phrases and imagery that I think NEEDS to be on a shirt and – you guessed it – this is where I’ll be putting them online for all to see and buy if you feel so inclined. These shirts will be born out of ideas that made me laugh or entertained me in some way.

Themes will include: mongrel jokes (taking the mickey), geeky humor, coffee jokes, or anything I deem worthy to be posted on here.

I don’t mean to offend anyone and hope that by making fun of everybody as evenly as possible I can avoid being eaten alive by haters 🙂

I will be primarily using to begin with (if there are any other shirt uploading sites you think I should have a look at please let me know). You can find me here at: mongrel-shirts